Last Day on Earth Survival Hack – Unlimited Coins, XP, and Energy

FREE Last Day on Earth: Survival hack – 2017! 100% working –
FREE Last Day on Earth: Survival hack – 2017! 100% working –

The GameGlitchers Free Last Day on Earth Survival Hack & Generator Tool is perfect for helping you advance in the dangerous world of this rapidly growing iOS & Android game.

One issue that many players have with this game is the Energy limit that can prevent you from playing for as long as you want and it can stop you from getting those valuable airdrops and dealer interactions.

Did you know: Airdrops and dealers are more likely to happen when your energy bar is less than 50. This is intentional to encourage you to purchase the microtransactions in the game, however, with our Free Generator & Hack Tool you can get rid of this roadblock to your enjoyment of this great game.


About Last Day on Earth: Survival

What is Last Day on Earth: Survival?

Last Day on Earth: Survival is a survival sandbox game in the vein of DayZ, H1z1 or 7 Days to Die. However, unlike those other games, it runs smoothly on your iOS or Android device so you can play anywhere. Your main goal is to survive, build up an impressive base and fight off hordes of zombies and human invaders looking to spoil your piece of post-Doomsday paradise.

Last Day on Earth: Survival is currently in early BETA which means there’ll be plenty of updates and new content to come over the next few months and years. It is being published by KefirGames, a Russian games company with a good history of strong iOS and Android games. You can find the Official Game Twitter HERE! And the Official Game Facebook HERE!

New to the game? Check out the GameGlitchers’ Day One Survival Guide at the bottom of the article, it’ll help you survive your first 24 hours and provide you with important tips and tricks to help you throughout your experience with Last Day on Earth: Survival.

What can you do in Last Day on Earth: Survival?

The focus of this wildly popular game is to simply survive, but in doing so you have to go out into the world and scavenge for supplies or gather them by chopping trees down or harvesting berries from a bush. In your important home-zone, you can freely build your very own Zombie Survival encampment with an impressive building system for a mobile game that will only get better as more updates come out.

Free Last Day on Earth Survival Hack
Free Last Day on Earth Survival Hack

You will also have to defend yourself from both the undead and other survivors that are looking to steal from you. In order to do so, you will be able to craft or find various weapons and pieces of armour which will make the fight for your life much easier.

As well as trekking through airbases and other locations looking for supplies you can start a small farm using Garden Beds and a Rain Catcher in your home-zone. Doing so will allow you to ignore some food and water items, leaving you more carrying space to bring back weapons and building materials.

Future updates are going to add more furniture, building materials, wall types, locations and even drivable vehicles such as an ATV and a motorbike.

The In-Game Currency of Last Day on Earth: Survival

In Last Day on Earth: Survival, you can use coins to;

Refill the Energy Bar

Energy is a vital resource, it controls how much you can do in the game within a certain amount of time. As we covered earlier the game likes to spawn high energy dependent events when you are low on energy. However, you can use our free and safe hack tool and generator to not only top-up your coins but your energy as well so you can play for as long as you want without worrying about a silly limit put in place by the game.

Purchase Packs from the Shop

There are a number of item packs in the shop, some are only able to be bought with real money but many useful items can still be bought with coins, using our completely free hack tool you can stock up on these items for free saving you your time and hard earned money.

To instantly finish crafting of an item

Bored of waiting around for your new gun or armour piece to finish? Using coins allow you to skip this pointless waiting around, allowing you to play more of the game.

To reset skill-points

Every time you level up, you will gain some skill-points, you then use these to unlock various blueprints for crafting. However you may want to reset these to be able to choose other items and you can do that by spending 5 coins OR you can use our free generator and hack tool to instantly get more skill points, allowing you to unlock every single blueprint the game has to offer.

Free Last Day on Earth Survival Hack
Free Last Day on Earth Survival Hack

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About the Free Last Day on Earth: Survival Hack

Why use GameGlitchers Free Last Day on Earth: Survival Hack?

Last Day on Earth: Survival is a fantastic game but some of the features such as the very limited energy bar and slow crafting mean the game can be slow and take a lot of grinding to get anywhere. Do you really want to spend a week killing the same zone full of zombies or would you rather skip to clearing the highly-dangerous but really fun and interesting Red-Zones? Perhaps you are bored of chopping trees and mining rocks but still, want to create an awesome outpost of survival? Using our Free Last Day on Earth Survival Hack tool will allow you to instantly gain the coins needed to buy these items from the shop allowing you to go straight to building the base of your dreams.

How do I use this Hack?

Using the Last Day on Earth Survival Hack is as easy as it gets! Click on the button at the top or bottom of the page, or the button directly below this text, enter your in-game username, choose how many coins, how much energy and how much EXP that you want to add to your account and click Generate then go check your iOS or Android device to see your new and improved balances.

What Features does the GameGlitchers Free Last Day On Earth: Survival Hack have?

  • No Sign-up or Sign-in required.
  • Use on PC, Mac, Android and iOS.
  • Unlimited uses! (Never run out of Coins, Energy or EXP!)
  • Anti-Ban detection!
  • Up to 99,999 Coins, Energy and EXP!
  • Very easy to use!
  • No downloads required for the Last Day on Earth Survival Hack!
  • Instantly delivers your Coins, Energy and EXP within seconds of use!


Is the Last Day on Earth Survival Hack safe for me to use?

Of course! Because we handle all of the technical stuff on our servers you do not need to download anything, keeping your PC, Mac, Android or iOS device safe. We’ve never had a report of a user being banned from using one of our hacks either, we do extensive testing before releasing them to the public to ensure this.

Do I have to verify that I’m human?

We have a very good bot detection system in place, but sometimes, especially during heavy server usage, we may require you to verify you are human. We assure you that the Last Day on Earth Survival Hack is worth it!

GameGlitchers Day One Survival Guide!

Here is a small but informative guide to surviving your first day and setting you up for greater success as you proceed through the day, as well as a handful of general tips and tricks to help speed you along.

When you first spawn into your home-zone it’s always a good idea to check the broken down car that sits nearby for loot. After that, you’ll want to explore your surroundings very quickly to get your bearings.

You’ll want to quickly gather 6 Limestone and 9 Pine logs, then learn the blueprints for the Hatchet, Pickaxe and the Spear. These three basic tools are vital for your survival as they vastly speed up harvesting times and damage dealt compared with your bare fists. And time is short when preparing to defend your new post-Doomsday home from the Zombie Horde!

Next, you’ll want to concentrate on crafting the following items; The Casual Backpack, a Raincatcher and two Garden Beds. The Garden Beds and the Raincatcher will mean you’ll have to worry less about food and water which are vital for your survival and the Backpack will double your carrying space, meaning fewer trips are required when scavenging.

Free Last Day on Earth Survival Hack
Free Last Day on Earth Survival Hack

Then work on a small house, just enough room to hide some workstations and boxes in, no need to be building a mansion at this point! After you have your little cabin built it’s a good idea to build a larger wall with a door around your base area. This will help with invasions and the smaller zombie attacks you might see early on.

Now that you have a little slice of safety at home you may not want to leave it, but you must! Scavenging supplies is vital to your survival at this point in the game. Look out for certain things on the World Map; The Alpha base and downed aeroplanes. Both of these can often provide nice and useable suits and guns which will transform how you fight and where you can go.

Be careful when shooting though, you don’t want to run out of ammo when it matters most, perhaps try using the spear more often than not to conserve ammo.

Here are a handful of useful tips that will help you at the start and throughout your gameplay experience:

  • You get 3 bottles of water and 3 tins of beans every single day in your inbox. You can then transfer them to your inventory at will.
  • When you gain a level your health is regenerated to the maximum.
  • Craft a raincatcher and a couple of garden beds as soon as you can.
  • Most items stack to 20, but Coupons can stack to 50.
  • Whilst you can normally only see your hunger and thirst levels from the inventory screen it will flash above your head when you drop below 20 in either.
  • Tools do not need to be equipped when you go to use them, weapons, on the other hand, do need to be.
  • Save your taps! You can tap and hold when harvesting or attacking.
  • When leaving a location make sure to drink or eat any additional food you find but cannot carry as it will disappear when you leave the area.
  • You can craft on the world map screen! Use this tip to avoid being attacked or even losing hunger and thirst whilst crafting!

Hopefully, these tips will help you out on your first day and we hope it won’t be your Last Day on Earth!


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