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FREE Hay Day Hack - 2017 Updated! 100% Working - FREE Diamonds & Coins - gameglitchers.com
FREE Hay Day Hack - 2017 Updated! 100% Working - FREE Diamonds & Coins - gameglitchers.com

The GameGlitchers Free Hay Day Hack & Generator Tool is your ideal tool to get ahead in this fantastic farming simulator.

A huge issue many people have with this otherwise great game is after a while of playing it the wait times and amount of gold you require to proceed are excessively long. This effectively roadblocks you until you purchase Diamond microtransactions to speed things up.

Have you hit this annoying point in the game but wish to continue playing during breaks at school or work and repair that pesky dock? Well, don’t worry because the FREE GameGlitchers Hay Day Generator and Hack Tool allow you to instantly and safely top-up your account with as a many Coins, XP and Diamonds as you need!


About Hay Day

What is Hay Day?

Hay Day is an extremely popular farming simulator for Android, iOS and Amazon Fire. In the game, your Uncle has gotten too old to run the family farm so he gives it to you along with a scarecrow and some wheat to get you started. The premise of the game is to grow various crops and sell them to market in order to make money.

The developers for Hay Day are the established SuperCell Studios, this is one of the biggest mobile gaming companies in the world, having massive hits such as Clash of Clans and the new, massively popular strategy Clash Royale game to their name.

Whilst SuperCell has a reputation for fantastic mobile games a lot of people do complain when they hit the so-called “Micro-transaction Wall”, which is the point in the game where gameplay slows enough to heavily encourage players to purchase the in-game currency in order to speed things up. That’s why many of you requested we work on a free Coin, Diamond and XP generator hack. It took us some time but we are now ready to present it to the world!

What can you do in Hay Day?

Hay Day is the perfect time waster when you are waiting for your bus or you have five minutes between classes. You can grow and customise your farm, not only what crops you are growing but also animal and visual items to show off! If you have friends that play the game you can supercharge each other’s gameplay by trading crops and fresh goods through your own roadside market stall. You can also send out orders to the school and church via your truck and later by steamboat!

You can repair the dock on the edge of your land and start fishing from it to earn big and compete with your friends to see who has caught the biggest and rarest fish! Finally, once your farm is established you can be creative by planning out and building your very own town area! Which you can then have your friends and family come over to visit, so you can show off your hard work!

If you want to catch up with your friends that have been playing longer, or grab that extra cool looking item or building then look no further than the GameGlitchers Free Hay Day Generator and Hack Tool! It’ll deliver Coins, Diamonds and even XP to your account, ensuring you have the most fun in playing the game.

Hay Day is five years old, how is it still so popular?

Compared with most other farming games on Android, iOS and Amazon Fire the graphics are clean, cute and comical which keeps players coming back. But mainly because SuperCell has updated the game over the past five years with all kinds of new features such as the massive Fishing and Town updates.

These impressive larger updates and the dedicated design and development team that have been pumping out smaller updates such as mining, new crops, animals and cosmetic items on a near weekly basis have made Hay Day the top farming simulator game for Android, iOS and Amazon Fire.

The In-Game Currency of Hay Day

There are two types of in-game currency in Hay Day:


Coins are the common currency used to purchase most items in the game, such as crops for growing and some cosmetic items. You receive coins for selling crops in your roadside shop or for completing the various special orders you’ll get during the day.


Diamonds have three main purposes, the first is to speed up crop growing times and construction times, allowing you to proceed with the game quicker. Next, they can be converted into bags of coins allowing you to purchase coin items. Finally, you can use them to purchase certain crops and cosmetic items and structures that you can ONLY buy with Diamonds.

Normally you earn a small handful of Diamonds at the start of the game in order to hook you in and occasionally from order rewards, but afterwards you have to purchase Diamonds from the in-game shop for real money OR you can use our completely FREE and SAFE Hay Day Generator tool in order to get as many Diamonds as you want, as often as you want!

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About the GameGlitchers Free Hay Day Hack

Why use the GameGlitchers Free Hay Day Hack?

Hay Day is the best and most feature-rich farming simulator on Android, iOS and Amazon Fire to date, but it runs into the issue that most “freemium” games run into. That is, of course, the dreaded Micro-transaction Wall that slows your game to a snail’s pace and kills your enjoyment. That is, of course, until you purchase some Diamonds with real money.

Especially as so much of the game’s more interesting content such as Towns and Fishing is locked behind high coin requirements or high-level requirements. You can feel forced into going down the micro-transaction route if you want to keep playing the game.

However, our free tool will allow you to instantly gain the Coins, Diamonds and XP you need to enjoy the game on your own or with family and friends.

How do I use this Hack?

It’s simple! Click the button below this text, or the buttons at the top or bottom of the page and enter your in-game username. Then choose how many Coins and Diamonds and how much XP that you want to add to your account. Finally, click Generate! Then go check your iOS, Android or Amazon Fire device to see your brand new balances so you can get back to enjoying the game as you want to.

What Features does the GameGlitchers Free Hay Day Hack have?

  • No Sign-up or Sign-in Required.
  • Anti-Ban detection!
  • Very easy to use!
  • Use on PC, Mac, Android, iOS and Amazon Fire.
  • Unlimited uses! (Never run out of Coins, Diamonds or XP!)
  • Up to 999,999 Coins, Diamonds and XP!
  • No downloads required!
  • Instantly delivers your Coins, Energy and EXP within seconds of use!


Is this Hack safe for me to use?

Absolutely! We keep all the technical stuff on our servers so you don’t need to download anything at all! This means your PC, Mac, Android, iOS or Amazon Fire device is 100% safe from viruses! We’ve never gotten a single report of a user being banned from using any of our hacks! This is because we do comprehensive testing of any hack or generator before we release them to the public.

Do I have to verify that I am Human?

Whilst we have a broad and thorough bot detection system in place on all of our tools. It can, notably, during heavy server usage, require you to verify you are human. This is required so as many people as possible can enjoy our FREE hacks!


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